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Next Generation Cloud

‘The inter-dependencies between cloud computing, mobile computing, social media, big data, machine learning, and analytics.’

As enterprises move beyond the most obvious cost benefits of using the cloud, they are seeking cloud experts who can help them unlock agility and innovation in their business, and more and more they see the value in a cloud consultancy as being that expert that can assist them in their entire journey.

Our consultants are GCP and AWS certified to the highest level.

As Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) evolve their services, you’ll want to take advantage of new features. Choosing to take on the architecture design work within your company means you need to locate, recruit and retain certified experts, which is costly and time consuming.

SmartContx consultants are GCP and AWS certified to the highest level. Each consultant has extensive experience in leading solution design and delivery of complex digital transformations, and of working together with in-house partners (both on-shore and off-shore resources).

Over 20 years experience.

To gain the benefits of cloud computing needs a deep understanding of migration, architecture design, application, security and operations. SmartContx can assist your business on that journey. We can supply GCP and AWS certified professionals to advise and manage the delivery of innovative cloud solutions.

We have over 20 years experience of delivering digital transformation within the following sectors:

  • Retail FMCG
  • Retail Brands
  • Retail Banking
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance
  • Telecomm
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing

GCP and AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional.

Our Services.


SmartContx can help define a digital strategy for your business, a roadmap for ongoing innovative change whilst accommodating legacy systems.

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SmartContx can help shape your next generation business and consumer focused applications.

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SmartContx can help with the architectural decisions for your migration to Cloud.

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Driving innovation -
Maximising potential from Cloud technologies.

Our Mission:

We start by asking: “What-if?”

“We want to be able to help clients transform their business; creating new models and showing them how they can leverage IoT, geofencing, mobile, data, and digital transformation. This is the key for them to spawn new concepts that don’t have competitors.”

The technical functionalities and scalabilities now provided by cloud service providers are immense. We’re getting to a point where the “impossible” is the exception rather than the rule.

We ask, if you could do something that was previously unachievable or unimaginable, what outcomes would the business achieve?

SmartContx are passionate about developing innovative consumer focused contextualised solutions.

Digital now touches every step of the customer journey, with smartphones increasingly people’s default device for online. Customers are also using smartphones as personal shopping aids once they’re inside a store outlet.

Understanding contextualisation can give retailers the key to unlocking great, engaging experiences for this new age of digital consumer. Omni-channel solutions will become the standard for retailers; those that succeed will have built-in contextualisation features that offer a fluidity of experience which customers will come to expect. The benefits for retailers are huge; data consolidated Omni-channel offers potential for deep analysis of customer interaction, at every level.

Why Context Matters.

Customers now expect to be able to interact with retailers using a variety of touch points (digital online, mobile, social, and in person in-store). Regardless of interaction device, retailers need to be able to provide right time experiences to each customer. Unifying these modes of customer interaction, whilst drawing upon the data generated by each individual, can lead to a smarter way to deliver customer focused shopping experiences. To do so requires an understanding of the customer’s context.

Sensing Context.

Consumer computing devices are now often used in changing environments, yet do not adapt to those changes very well. Enabling devices and applications to automatically adapt to changes in surrounding physical and operational environments can lead to enhancements for customer experience. Retailers need to handle context that can be sensed automatically in the physical environment and treated as implicit input to positively affect consumer application behaviour.

Benefits for Retailers.

Applications which best fit contextualisation, are underpinned with this core philosophy of ‘Smart Context’. The result, the customer gets an array of features to complement their personalised shopping context, whilst the retailer gets pinpoint marketing insight into the whole customer interaction cycle, from initial browsing and research patterns, leading right up to purchase. A consolidated Omni-channel view across any device, online and/or within their bricks and mortar store outlets.

Smart Contextual Applications.

We can help shape your digital innovation.

Cloud Service Providers now have component services that can support an entire enterprise’s requirement for application, messaging, business processing, and data. Now is the time to draw upon all those technical capabilities. SmartContx can help with the integration between existing on-premise and cloud systems. We will help shape your next digital business innovation.