Go Serverless:

Amazon took the serverless paradigm to another level when they announced AWS Lambda back in 2014, introducing a new system architecture for applications running in the cloud. There is no perpetual process running on a server and waiting for HTTP requests or API calls, but an event mechanism that triggers the execution of a piece of code, usually just a function, on one of AWS servers.

We do not have to consider the server when using this paradigm. All that matters is to write the piece of code to be executed when a certain event takes place. The cloud provider takes care of finding a server where the code is to run, and to scale up when necessary. The containers used to run these functions are decommissioned as soon as the execution ends. And the execution is metered in units of 100 ms, the user being charged only for the resources consumed when the code is run. Some have called this type of functionality Function-as-a-Service (FaaS).

SmartContx will help your business deliver a dynamic and persistent state for your data infrastructure using a suite of AWS Lambda serverless functions consolidated with AWS Kinesis for data streaming, and AWS Dynamodb for NoSQL data stores.

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