STREETSHOPS – The High Street Digitally Remastered.

STREETSHOPS: New Digital Tools Inspire New Shopper Journeys

We are on a mission to deliver discoverable, personalised, and digitally accessible high streets.

STREETSHOPS™ is being developed with the philosophy of re-igniting the High Street, by connecting the 2019 online-focused consumer via one unified, extendable platform. A platform with equal levels of integration services for large High Street retailers, and also immediately accessible to the smaller independents, those whom we need to encourage to maintain diversity on the High Street.

STREETSHOPS is being developed by SmartContx as a solution to bridge the digital divide, a consumer focused Application-As-a-Service for all UK High Street retailers. It offers the consumer a single mobile application, a contextual handling digital shopping assistant.  It is a platform equipped with an amalgamation of digital tools to support the consumer’s decision-making process, whilst being the means for retailers to find a way to communicate with the consumer “just in time.”

STREETSHOPS is the result of years of research into the application capabilities of Cloud integrated smartphones, an on-going passion to conceptualise, design, and build new features for handling right-time personalisation – ‘Smart Context’.

Google Cloud next generation cloud services and client APIs are utilised for web and mobile. TensorFlow Machine Learning is utilised for lite models built on mobile device for computer vision. TensorFlow Cloud hosted custom models are used for consumer intention modeling to drive contextual focus and product recommendations. Dialogflow is utilised for Natural Language Processing voice functions to drive in-app navigation and shopping list creation. Google Cloud Firebase services are utilised for application authentication, messaging, storage, and database services, with partitions between retail domains, services that can scale massively.

Further information on STREETSHOPS is here:

SmartContx are passionate about developing innovative consumer focused contextualised solutions.

Digital now touches every step of the customer journey, with smartphones increasingly people’s default device for online. Understanding contextualisation can give retailers the key to unlocking great, engaging experiences for this new age of digital consumer.

 STREETSHOPS™ is a trademark of SmartContx Limited.

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