Company history

SmartContx began as an initiative to delve into and understand the capabilities of utilising Cloud based systems to model next generation consumer focused applications – smart services that can handle user contextualisation.

  • 2000

    Post bubble

    As the bubble burst, the world was left with the remnants of Internet failures and financial melt-down. SmartContx's founding director was engaged in consultancy for mobile phone provider Internet portals, utilising online directory services and application services. Despite the over exuberance of all things, the business world had learned a valuable lesson, that enterprises could draw from those same technologies to put their business online, ready to scale and share to millions of users.

  • 2004

    Web Application Services

    Application Server suites from IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, became central to larger enterprise midrange services. It is whilst working in this technical domain that our founding director learned from the challenges of cross-enterprise integration, and the best use of messaging and ETL for application workflow and data replication consistency. Critical experience gained from delivering Internet systems for Pharmaceuticals under USA FDA Regulation helped build a discipline for quality assured system delivery, with change control and audit.

  • 2008

    Digital Transformation

    Large-scale companies were now left with legacy online systems which required re-shaping to match the growing demand for digital services. Our founding director was responsible for designing major re-platforming of insurance, banking, and then retail eCommerce digital systems. Digital platforms that could scale to match millions of registered user demand, whilst being able to support high-availability and disaster recovery.

  • 2014

    Smart Contextual applications

    Cloud adoption by larger businesses in the UK was really taking hold. The vast array of components being offered by Cloud Service Providers brought opportunity for businesses to escape the impact of costly time consuming integration projects. Now, an entire business enterprise IT could be modelled using one Cloud Services Provider's application suite. The billing per usage, and the ability to auto-scale to match demand, meant projects could be prototyped and proven on the small scale, then rapidly deployed as full strength production systems. Our founding director took this opportunity to begin an initiative to research and develop a new generation of multi-channel eCommerce applications, taking the consumer's smart device mapped to a Cloud service backend for handling user personalisation together with the context of usage. The initiative focused on Web, native Android and iOS, and hybrid smartphone retail applications, integrated with AWS and Google Cloud Platform/APIs.

  • 2016

    SmartContx - A Cloud Solutions Consultancy

    By 2016, the culmination of the research together with AWS Solution Architecture Professional certification enabled us to establish a consultancy practice focused on playing back our initiative to business. We are now ready to share our experience with businesses looking for innovative solutions to differentiate their digital service offerings.

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